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Thanks to a generous and committed group of early donors, the Safe Homes, New Lives campaign has only a short way to go to achieve our immediate goal: three apartments to serve up to 150 survivors of domestic violence in Orange County!   

​Please join us in making Orange County a safe, supportive place to live and grow.  

  • Your donation to help meet our campaign goal is the simplest and most direct way to help.  

  • If you have a rental apartment or other goods and services that could help support this program, we would love to discuss options with you.

Our neighbors — the people who share this wonderful community with us — deserve immediate, flexible care and support in moments of crisis.  


Fearing for her life, Hannah fled from her Orange County home after years of physical, emotional, and financial abuse from her partner escalated to a new level of violence.  


The only shelter available to her for more than one night was 60 miles away. Lacking a car, Hannah could not keep her job and had to pay for several trips to Orange County to work out her next steps. A month later she was moved to a different shelter even farther away. With no income, she quickly ran through her savings. She found a job in her new location, but it paid less than her old one and she still did not have a car. Compass Center eventually was able to help her move to a more permanent and workable situation in Durham.


If temporary emergency housing had been available in Orange County, Hannah could have kept her job, conserved her savings, and remained close to her support system, resulting in a faster and far less traumatic journey to safety and stability. 

* Identifying details have been changed.


Thanks to our generous donors, we have met our immediate goal of $675,000 to lease three apartments for three years supported by a case manager and providing food, transportation and other services while a survivor is in emergency housing. 

Our dream goal is to raise an additional $450,000 to expand this program to six apartments with a second case manager. 

Our campaign is budgeted to support operating the apartments for three years as well as costs to expand Compass Center’s capacity to sustain the new emergency housing program. The estimated annual operating cost of each crisis apartment is $25,000 including rent, food, security, furnishings, and transportation. One case manager is needed per three apartments. 


Your generous gift toward meeting our campaign goal is the simplest and most direct way to help.


If you have an apartment, service or other in-kind resource to offer, please email and we would love to discuss options with you. 


Compass Center for Women and Families | 210 Henderson Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 | 919-968-4610 

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