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20 personas por minuto son maltratadas físicamente por su pareja íntima en los EE. UU.

Our Approach

Compass Center believes in meeting people where they are without judgment and supporting their journeys forward with compassionate and practical help. Our prevention, crisis, and outreach services address intimate partner violence, promote long-term stability, and support gender equity in our community.

Our Services

Compass Center's free and voluntary services help individuals navigate the journey toward safety, stability, and empowerment. We offer equal access to opportunities regardless of economic or gender status. Many of our services are also offered in Spanish. 


We offer crisis services and counsel clients on their individual journeys to safety and stability. Our support groups provide a safe and comfortable space to connect with others in similar situations. 


We provide one-on-one career and financial coaching services with an expert to help devise an action plan to help you reach your goals. We also offer legal services and can refer you to additional community resources. (photo: Disabled and Here)

Community Education Programs

We offer adolescent empowerment programs, comprehensive sexual health education, healthy relationship development, and domestic violence prevention programs. Trained volunteers are also available to provide information about community resources. (photo: Gender Spectrum) 

por qué estoy involucrado

Escuche a voluntarios, donantes y miembros de la junta sobre por qué apoyan nuestro trabajo.

Trabaja con nosotros

Ayúdenos a aumentar nuestro impacto al asociarse con nosotros.

Trabaje de voluntario con nosotros

Únase a nuestra misión estelar como voluntario en cualquiera de nuestros departamentos.


Al apoyar nuestros programas, está ayudando a fortalecer la comunidad.

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